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Happy 8th Birthday by Mommy

Eight years ago today our family was blessed by the birth of our angelic little girl who was named Katerina!!!! Katerina brought us joy, laughter, wisdom, and adventure. She taught us the true meaning of love and living. She was and is unstoppable. In her 6 1/2 years with us she guided us and filled our lives with constant zest for new adventures! KATERINA's chronological age was only 6 but her spiritual life in the physical sense accomplished more than a majority of adults I know. As a tribute to her we ask people to LIVE each moment as if it was their very last. Let go of the stressors of life and replace with love and passion!!! Solidify your dreams and make them happen. Don't wait until tommorrow. Tomorrow may never come! Live now and do not waste any opportunity! Let go of the negativity in your lives and LIVE YOUR DREAMS!

Nina: I love you with every fiber of my being!! I hold on to all you taught me!! I am proud that you chose us as your parents! I prefer and accept the struggle and pain than to never have had you in our lives! We decided as a family that we will celebrate your birthday each year because it signifies all the gifts that you offered to all the people in your life!! You truly are our inspiration and you will forever be ours!!!!!!!!!!!! Love mommy

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