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For My Buddy by Angelo Koskinas

These words are a beautiful tribute to our Dear Theo Kosta. Angelo thank you! Jimmy,Maria,Effie,Dennis and to our amazing Thea Eleni there are no words....except that our fathers, two brothers, who were each half of a whole are together again...

For My Buddy Sept 30, 2011

The last few days have been very hard on everyone in this room. This day has always been somewhere in the back of our minds but no one was prepared to deal with reality when it actually happened.

Family and Friends have been gathering together for comfort and consolation, telling each other stories of Theo Kosta and sharing memories of the man they love.

We all remember Theo Kosta from birthdays, holidays, weddings or sitting outside by the garage always with Thea Eleni, a smile, & a joke.

A few words to describe Theo Kosta….strong, heroic, kind, gentle, generous, loving and above all else funny.

Theo Kosta shared many special relationships and connections with all of us.

Parents- The two that brought him into this world and meant so much to him throughout his life.

His sisters- who loved and cherished their little brother especially Christina and Eleni who never left his side in all his moments of need along with his nephew George

Lefteri & Katina- who cared and loved Theo Kosta more than we can ever know. The bond between brothers is something I will never understand but I saw the pain and torment in Theo Kosta when his big brother and loving sister in law passed away. A part of him died that day and he was the never the same.

His sisters and brothers in law- who loved Theo Kosta just as much as his own blood and some may say even more. He was there to help and support Xariklia, Rina and Soula when they came to New York & loved Karen like his own. He joked around and loved Aleko, Spyro, Niko & Taso as if they were his own brothers and played tavli with Kosma often.

His nieces and nephews- Theo Kosta considered us his own children and loved us very dearly. He shared in all our happiest days and celebrations from our birthdays, namedays and graduations, For Effie and Kiki your darkest hour as well. I’ve never seen Theo Kosta happier than when he saw or spoke of Eleni, Christina, Theo & Alex at the same time I’ve never seen him more upset when he holding a picture of Katerina.

His cousins and best friends- where always the recipients of daily phone calls from the person who loved them all dearly. Sharing a joke or the daily news with all of you was a highlight in his day. I also have to mention Yia Yia Martha who never let a day go by without stopping by to say hi to her loved neighbor or Toula and Vasili who were his Koumbari and 2 people he loved unconditionally.

Jimmy & Maria- his only son he held dear and near to his heart. He was proud of raising an intelligent, charismatic and loving man. We see Theo Kostas humor and love in you and we are all waiting when your beautiful wife brings his grand child into our world so we can love and care for little Kosta or Konstandina. (I’m kidding, Maria you name it whatever you want)

Effie and Dennis- His first born and loving daughter. You stayed by your fathers’ side always and shared a relationship together that would take forever to describe. He was the happiest when he called me to share the news of your engagement to Dennis and looked forward to your wedding day. He will be there to see you walk down the aisle. He will be next to you dancing and holding you even though you won’t see him I promise you will feel him on that day and every other day.

Helen- You are the oldest of your siblings and took care of them always. You were a wife for 40 years to the man we all loved so very much. You cared for Theo Kosta every single day never leaving his side at the same time being there for your family and loved ones. Theo Kosta would always ask me when I was a little boy who I loved more when you were cooking in the kitchen, I would whisper in his ear, I loved my Thea Eleni more. He would laugh & smile then hug me and say good, remember to take care of her and make sure she didn’t have any boyfriends when he passed away. I would laugh and tell him that day would never come. Unfortunately that day came. Thea Eleni You are an Angel sent from heaven, You are a saint we can all kiss and hug. You are my Thea and mother and everyone here will always be there & love you.

Life will never be the same but life goes on. The laughter & sunshine of our family has passed away and our tears will continue for many years. Holidays, special occasions & days alone will be difficult from this day forth. Let’s face it, Theo Kosta was and will always be a big part in our lives. God gave him strength for many years to fight his battle and now he can finally rest and be with his family at the same time looking over all of us.

I love you Buddy, you know how much you mean to me and I will never forget everything you have done for me. It kills me that my wife & children will never get to see you smile, hear you laugh or tell one of your jokes. I already miss you…God Bless you……….

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