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About Katerina

The day Katerina was born was the day that life began for me.  I had joked with my husband that all babies looked like aliens when they are born, so e shouldn't be afraid.  But when she was placed on my belly, she was perfect.  Her beauty from within her was reflected on her perfect face.  

She fed herself by 12 months.  She ordered her first ouzo by 18 months.  She had styled her own hair and dressed herself since the age of two, and oh the outfits she came up with! I never had to ask her to change.  By 2 1/2, she put on her dress and makeup to have her first date with her boyfriend.  She wanted to be a stylist and gave her first haircut by three.  She cooked and cleaning, and would beg me to wash the dishes and windows.  She wore her first bra at three, and was proud of it!


Katerina was a superstar at all she did: school, swimming, aikido, dance, and skiing.  Yet, it was never enough for her.  She wanted to do gymnastics, play the violin, and compete in a triathlon.  She loved to rider her bike and never stopped.  She even had her first lemonade stand to buy a kayak at the end of the summer.  She strived for perfection and it came with ease.  She loved her cousins and she took care of them, bathed them, protected them and taught them.  As for her sister Christina, she cherished her, loved her, and treated her like gold.  No matter what Christina wanted, she got from Katerina.  


Katerina's depth, soul, knowledge, thoughts, and feelings were indescribable.  She is my baby, my friend, my confidant, my teacher and my breath.  She taught me every day.  She loved us all, especially little Christina, her cousin Eleni and her daddy.  

~Effie Tsiboukis Nikolopoulos, Katerina's Mother 

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